Hi! My name is Samantha (I'm in the picture above), I'm the Founder of Gilmore Goods.. It all began where I consider the heart of the home, the kitchen. I've had a love for baking since childhood, seeing my mom and dad cook so many amazing homemade meals. Since then I've mostly immersed myself within the food industry throughout my career.

Making gluten-free, dairy-free with simple ingredient baked goods is important to me. I feel great and it's always a satisfying feeling when I can conquer something just as good, or better than your regular gluten and sugar filled sweets.

During the pandemic I was baking up a storm (like many). One day I thought I'd give a new granola recipe a try, because let's be honest, we're tired of the grocery store granola... It was amazing, but how? I then tried the recipe over and over again, perfected and developed new and different granola recipes until, Maple Cherry Pecan was born. From there I quickly created Blueberry Coconut Cashew (a top seller). A star was born. 

It's important to me what goes into my and the people I care about's bodies. I have a deep love for sweets, and I always opt for gluten and dairy-free when I can in my kitchen. As well as lean mostly towards natural sugars such as Maple Syrup and Coconut sugar. Although a few of my baked goods contain cane and brown sugar (Almond Crumb Cake & Banana Bread) I can always do my best to sub for others.

When I lost my job in December of 2022 I thought why not create and take Gilmore Goods to the homes and shelves of retailers and actually go all in on this? So here I am, now selling granola and baked goods for a living.